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How to use Skillnoid

#1 - Get Skillnoid app

First of all, you need to install and run the Skillnoid mobile app.

We recommend to use your smartphone, because that device will be always with you and even could query and process your personal activity as well.
After starting the Skillnoid mobile app, please sign in or register a personal account.

#2 – Acquire a game

By Skillnoid you could collect in-game benefits – so you need a game to work with. Currently you could try out our system with the following games.

Neon Wing: Air Race is an exciting air racing game which is available on PC



Thief Piggies is a funny shooter game, which is available on mobile phone

#3 – Connect

Please run the game – within that you will find a Skillnoid in-game menu. Start the connection process there and follow the instructions.

Anyway, there are three ways to make the connection – depending what game and what kind of devices you use.


  • QR code - If you play a PC or a consol game, we recommend this method. Just run the game and use the in-game Skillnoid menu. You could generate a QR code, which will appear on your monitor or TV – you need only to scan that code with your Skillnoid app to make the connection done (in the app choose the “Game Library” icon           and tap the blue “+” button.

  • Direct link - If you run a game on your mobile phone and you installed the Skillnoid app on the same phone, just use the “direct link” button in the in-game Skillnoid menu.

  • Text code – If you play a mobile game and the Skillnoid app is installed on a different device, we recommend to use this way. In the game you could generate a text code – you need only to type that code into your Skillnoid app to make the connection done (in the app choose the “Game Library” icon          and tap the blue “+” button.

#4 – Move!
As soon as the connection is made you could enjoy the in-game benefits – just move. Your physical activity will be monitorized by your mobile phone (if you use other device to track your activity, please synchronize your data with Google Fit).

#5 – Enjoy

You could follow your progress and make decisions in the Skillnoid application anytime. When you unlocked a new gift, the app will notify you – next time you step into your game, your reward will be given.

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