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A solution which takes the playing experience to a new level by converting the real-life physical activity of the gamers into valuable in-game rewards. Earn bonuses and power-ups within your favorite games by simply staying active and improving your health.

Skillnoid bridges gaming and fitness by creating an additional offline bond between players, video games and developers. Additionally, it integrates the fitness industry (like trackers, applications, and wearable devices) into the gaming ecosystem.

Skillnoid DEMO available

Try out Skillnoid with

„Neon Wing: Air Race”

or with "Thief Piggies" 

If you are from the media, Skillnoid is something worth checking. Our system connects the gamers, their activity, and the games they are playing with - by collecting and converting their everyday physical movement into valuable in-game rewards. During this, we directly bridge the fast-growing game industry and the fitness/health industry. It is the gamification phenomenon at its finest.

We believe that our impact will be significant. Our message is unique – you could utilize your own movement in a new way. You do not have to sit motionlessly for hours to improve your virtual character or to acquire a virtual chest full of useful in-game items. You could accomplish these simply by following your every-day routine or doing some extra exercises. With Skillnoid, you can improve your health and your in-game capabilities at the same time, which is easier, funnier and less time-consuming than farming for hours.

Skillnoid is a great tool to increase the well-being of the gamer community. We use the motivational power and addictive effect of video games to inspire the players and help them to change their behavior and to stay active and improve their health. This could be extremely useful and important to fight against childhood obesity, sedentary adulthood lifestyle or even senior age activity deficiency (with respect to number of elder players is raising fast). Skillnoid could help all of them to create balance and bring healthy living and gaming together.

Take advantage and capitalize these benefits are close – we already made the hard part of the story. We developed our platform (it is up and running) and worked out a system, which do not need special games (almost every existing or newly released one could be integrated to Skillnoid), do not need new fitness gadgets or application (we could work together with any current one) and which is easy to use. So everything is ready and in place to utilize Skillnoid.

You could try out the whole system easily even by yourself anytime, just check how to use Skillnoid as gamer.


Anyway, Skillnoid is more than a platform. Games is only the first step for us, our system and engine could be used in other fields as well. Do you have a favorite team and want to train together with them and unlock unique virtual team rewards? No problem. You want to organize an off-site P.E. class activity for students ? You can do that easily via Skillnoid. With Skillnoid, you could involve users and their movement into your core activity and could even reward them in a virtual but also effective way.

From this page you could download our former press releases, or you could contact us directly – we are happy to give you more information.



To you Skillnoid is an application, with which you could easily transform your own activity into in-game rewards, bonuses, and power-ups that you desire.

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To you Skillnoid is a chance to connect with the gaming industry and acquire new users or retain the current ones with improved utility of your products.

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If you are a gamer, Skillnoid will help you to always “stay in game”. This system combines your real life with video games by converting your physical activity into valuable in-game rewards. You do not have to do anything special – it will use the movement and exercise you already perform daily. As a result, Skillnoid will motivate you to get moving and stay healthy. But as you improve your health you will also be able to enhance your game experience.

Imagine your favorite game or the one you played last. Next time when you walk to the school or to work, play basketball with your friends or just take a morning run you will be rewarded for this activity within that very game – when you arrive back home and enter your game, you will get a new sword, a bunch of credit, a skill point, or some other useful stuff. So you could continue your game where you left off with additional benefits – benefits that you earned with your own time and movement.


First, you need to download the Skillnoid application and make an account – it is free of charge and only takes a few minutes.

Skillnoid transforms your physical activity into rewards, so it needs a source. Currently, we use your GoogleFIT data to track your movement – if you track your physical activity in any other way, such as a wearable device or another fitness/health app, all you need to do is link them with your GoogleFit account to save your workout data. But don’t worry , if you have not previously tracked your physical activity, you can still convert it into in-game rewards through Skillnoid. The Skillnoid app will still work flawlessly, just make sure that your phone is with you as you are moving. In the future, you will have a chance to synchronize your various devices or apps directly with Skillnoid – we are already working on this.

Please note that Skillnoid is only a companion app – we will not sell you a game or give you an access to it. You must have a valid copy of the game to use it with Skillnoid. The other thing is that Skillnoid could work together only with games that are compatible with our system. You could check the list of available games anytime in the Skillnoid application          HOME screen or on this webpage. We are working on integrating more games into our system. To find out more, check out our news section.

In In the current DEMO version of Skillnoid you could try out the system with an exciting air racing game called „Neon Wing: Air Race” (available on PC)

or with a funny shooter game called „Thief Piggies” (available on mobile)

To use Skillnoid together with a game, you have to connect them with each other first. You could do this in the app’s Game Library screen            with the blue + icon. Or you could start the connection also in the game itself from the in-game Skillnoid menu. In both cases it takes only a minute, just follow the instructions.

When the connection is ready, you could manage your game in the Game Library            and set your goals on Target screen         . Your current aim is always shown in the target slot – all your activity will be saved for this reward. You will constantly see the progress and when you accumulated enough activity, the target is completed and your reward is ready to collect (check the          in the upper left corner).

Next time you enter your game, all of your pending rewards will be unlocked automatically – you will get a confirmation message about the collected benefits.

At the current DEMO version of Skillnoid, game activation and the use of our system is totally free of charge for you.

For further information, please check “Terms of Services”, “Privacy Policy” or our “Q&A” section.



  • stay-in-game even if you are not playing;

  • improve your wellness altogether with your in-game capabilities;

  • make exercise fun;

  • easy to use;

  • more games and functions are on the way.

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Bring healthy living and gaming together and boost your business

If you are a game developer, Skillnoid is a real “swiss-army knife” for you. It is a new way to intensify your customers’ commitment to your product (games). With this extra layer, you could enhance the gaming experience by expanding it into the players’ offline life as well, elongating the playing time (longer retention), motivating the gamers to frequently enter the game to collect their rewards (boosted re-engagement). You will also draw new players and gain a positive reputation - and these are only the most obvious benefits.

From now on, your game will not end when the user quit from it. When the playtime is over, they will live their life and do their daily routine just like before - but they will be still connected to your game via Skillnoid. You will remain in their mind - they check and choose possible in-game rewards, look at their progress and make new selections on their phone anytime and anywhere- like in school or work, on the street or on the bus. These will be decisions and ideas formed by and in connection with your game. So next time they arrive back home, they will feel a new urge and cause to enter and play again – to collect the in-game rewards they unlocked. A perfect tool to strengthen game re-engagement and commitment.

Skillnoid is an exciting opportunity to innovate your game design and planning. You could work out brand new game mechanics and reward systems or simply help gamers to skip the time-consuming “farming” and focus on the basic game theme and experience.

With this platform and with its “convert physical activity” feature you could acquire new players and could turn casual players into more dedicated ones.

It is also a fresh direct channel to your customers, to inform them about new in-game events, extra contents (dlc packs) or newly released sequel games. Skillnoid will sent these notifications directly to their personal mobile phone and the message will be surely delivered to these very players, who are the most affected by it - the ones who really use or used your game.

And finally, Skillnoid is a direct and instant PR bonus to you and your games. Bridging the physical activity and the playing is not just a great motivational tool to your gamers, but also a strong weapon to combat against the common blame that gaming is unhealthy and makes players inactive and sedentary. If you give the gamers a chance to be more active thereby inspiring them to improve their health and wellness along with their in-game capabilities, if you help them to avoid obesity – both in children/adolescents and in adults - as well as other health problems, if you inspire your elder players to remain physically active, you will not only gain in reputation but you also sustain better and longer connection with your customers, which will boost your business as well.


The most important thing is that using Skillnoid as a game developer is free-of-charge. You could integrate your games into our platform and make its features available to your players for free – we will not ask any charge or fees for these from you. Our business model is based on the gamers not on the developers. In most cases, “free” is too good to be true – to speak frankly the integration will need some work on your side, but we strongly believe that the benefits Skillnoid brings to you will be much higher and more valuable than the time and effort you put into it.

Almost every game could be integrated to Skillnoid. It could be a newly released or an already existing one, it could be run on PC, on console, on a phone or even in the cloud – our solution is totally platform agnostic. We are also “neutral” by our role – Skillnoid is not designed by a game development studio for their own game. It does not belong to a game distributor or a console manufacturer. We treat every game and developer as equal.

During the integration, you should implement a connection between your game and the backend of Skillnoid. Don’t worry – it is just a few APIs you have to link-in and a couple of pop-up screens you have to create.

Safety and privacy are vital to us. Your game and data of your players will not be in danger – during the integration we will not ask you incorporate any specific code pre-written by us into your game. We will give you requirements and could show you examples, but all the required game modifications will be made by you. We will not require any access to your code, the control will be in your hands the whole time.

After the integration, you will have a chance to check everything in our test environment before the release. Don’t worry about availability – although Skillnoid is free for you, we build up and maintain a solid and highly stable system running on MS Azure with dynamic scalability.
Beside the technical integration, the content also depends on you. You will make the decision what kind of in-game rewards, bonuses, or other benefits you want to give to your gamers via Skillnoid. You could set, publish, and modify these items anytime easily on your own user-friendly Skillnoid administration surface – without our assistance or intervention. So the security and integrity of your game will not be harmed – the control will be yours at all times.

Our system is already up and running. The gamer interface (Skillnoid application) already released in DEMO mode on Android – the IOS version is under testing. For demonstration purposes, one game has already been integrated with Skillnoid (Neon Wings Air Race) - so you could try out the whole system easily even by yourself (check how to use Skillnoid as a gamer).

Now we are working on widening our library with new games, which means that we are looking and waiting for game developers and distributors willing to co-operate with us. Take a chance with Skillnoid – bring in your new game or test it with an older, existing one without risk.

  • use of Skillnoid is free-of-charge for the developers

  • improved player retention;

  • re-engagement motivation;

  • laser-targeted marketing (event, dlcs, sequels, etc.);

  • new possible game mechanics;

  • safe and neutral solution;

  • easy to join;

  • positive PR message.



Bringing gaming and fitness industries together

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If you are from the fitness industry (you manufacture wearable activity devices or run a fitness/health application) Skillnoid is a strong support to your own business. You already have customers who use your devices (anything like a smart-watch, a pedometer, a smart-bracelet, and so on) or your application to track and measure their activity - our system will be one more reason for your current consumer to utilize your products, and it will bring you new customers as well.

With Skillnoid, we could reward your users by converting their activity to different bonuses within the games they are playing with. As a result, they will obtain a virtual reward which will be valuable to them because they will be able to use it later as they play and they will have earned this reward with their own movement.

The gaming market is huge – currently there are cc. 2,5 billion gamers worldwide and the number is constantly increasing. The group is mixed by age (young, adults and even more and more elder people play), by gender and by habits – but they have three things in common: they play games, they are open to technologies and they do (much or less) activity. Skillnoid connects these features together. 


Skillnoid helps you to enter this market with your products. You could increase your visibility and your utility, as well as acquire new customers or to retain your current ones. Our platform will greatly boost the commitment to your device or solution and motivate your customers to use your products more frequently.

We are not a competitor to you – we are a strong partner and ally. Our common goal is to improve your business and to work together for our core aim: help people to stay healthy and make exercise more fun for them.


First of all, working together with Skillnoid as a fitness partner is free-of-charge. Your devices or application could be integrated into our platform freely – we will not ask any charge or fees for these from you, because our business model is based on the gamers.

To convert activity into in-game rewards, Skillnoid needs data to work with. But we are not a fitness application and do not want to compete with any other fitness/health application at all. Our main mission is to create and maintain a unique system which connects the users, their games and their activity together – there is a great variety of more complex devices and solutions that track physical activity than what we would be able to create on our own.

In short, we need fitness (activity supplier) partners who are professional on their own field – we want to cooperate with them on the ground of common interest. Skillnoid is able to accept activity data from anywhere – directly from an activity meter device or another application/software. We could implement your product into Skillnoid easily and make it visible and selectable to the users. From that point, they could utilize the activity data accumulated in your solution directly in Skillnoid, without synchronizing your device/application first with an intermediate system.

Safety and privacy are as crucial to us as they are to you - data of your users will not be in danger. Although Skillnoid is free for you, we built up and maintain a solid and highly stable system running on MS Azure with respect to the highest safety and privacy standards.

Our system is already up and running. The Skillnoid application is already released in DEMO version on Android – it works with GoogleFit as an activity source. Our IOS version (based on Apple Health) is under testing. For demonstration purposes, one game has already been integrated with Skillnoid (Neon Wings Air Race) - so you could try out the whole system easily even by yourself (check how to use Skillnoid as gamer).  

Take a chance with Skillnoid - bring in and integrate your product to our system easily and without a risk.

  • work with Skillnoid free-of-charge;

  • increased visibility and utility;

  • enter into a market with more than 2,5 billion users;

  • gain new customers and retain your current ones;

  • safe and neutral solution;

  • easy to join.

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To you Skillnoid is a tool to enhance game experience, motivate and retain your players, increase game re-engagement and earn positive PR.


To you Skillnoid is an interesting story about user incentivization and fighting against obesity health crisis in a unique way by re-forming gaming.



Every step counts - earn loot and stay fit

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